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Cooperation with international partners

Mis à jour le 14.02.2019

Internationally, the agency is also involved in projects on the ground to improve access to transplantation and to establish national regulatory and ethical frameworks. Our policy approach is based on cooperation, with the goal of promoting the development of local expertise. Working with institutional partners, we collaborate on priority projects at the request of national authorities, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs or international organisations. A key focus is on helping emerging countries, particularly in the development of kidney and tissue transplantation.

In practice, this involves a multitude of actions including
• Developing the expertise of local procurement and transplantation teams (by sending French experts to provide advice and training on site, and/or inviting professionals to be trained in France) ;
• establishing donation and transplant registers ;
• creating information systems and tissue banks ;
• strengthening the capacities of local agencies to supervise and develop procurement and transplantation ;
• training in promoting organ donation ;
• guidance on evaluating ;
• regulating and auditing authorized establishments ;
• and ensuring the safety of substances of human origin in line with European standards.


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