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Ongoing projects

Mis à jour le 14.02.2019

A number of international initiatives are underway, supported by outside funding, particularly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Development Agency. Currently, the agency is collaborating on projects in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria (as well as supporting cooperation between these Maghreb countries), Lebanon, Moldavia, French Polynesia and New Caledonia.

In Europe, the agency is a partner in a joint project to develop a portal for organ exchange within the European Union. The FOEDUS platform has been operational since 2015, allowing the exchange of organs between 25 EU countries. We also represent France on the Council of Europe’s Committee on Organ Transplantation, a group of experts that works on recommendations and technical documents for member states, and we participate in the development of directives to standardize quality and safety standards for the EU.

Globally, the agency has long been engaged in the World Health Organization (WHO), in particular on the challenges of organ donation at the international level. At any given time, there are also a number of ad hoc bilateral relationships with foreign health agencies or ministries concerning specific requests for information or expertise on patient cases.


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