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 Organisation of the Agence

Organisation of the Agence

Mis à jour le 01.02.2013

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Agence de la biomédecine works with legal and scientific experts and specialists in ethics who serve on either the Management Board or the Ethical Advisory Board.

The former decides the Agence’s general strategy, agenda, organisation and budget, while the latter plays a more supervisory role. Through the advice it gives, it guarantees the consistency of the Agence’s medical and scientific policy. The Director General of the Agence de la biomédecine is appointed by the President of France ; the members of the Management Board are appointed by the Minister of Health ; and the members of the Ethical Board are appointed by the Minister of Health and the Minister of Research. They all serve three-year terms.

The Agence de la biomédecine is organised in major departments, all run from the head office based in Saint Denis. In the regions, in the area of organ procurement and transplantation, it operates through a network consisting of four regulatory and support services which oversee organ and tissue donation and procurement and support hospital coordination teams in charge of organ and tissue procurement.


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